Free Write #6

I think Stanton chooses to be in dialogue with the entire Declaration rather than just the constitution because she explicitly states the idea behind setting forth the institution of a new government which is the essence of the Declaration. She discusses how if any of the rights discussed in the document are forfeited, the ones who are suffering have the right to refuse allegiance. If she were to just discuss the contents of the constitution, there would be all of the rights and truths of the Declaration left out. She mentions what is said in the Declaration then does not exactly correlate to women now. In actuality for women the rights stated in the Declaration are almost looked over. There are certain statements that do not include women but now that women are expected to be looked at as equals in this new age, as citizens women can and should demand the admission to all rights and privileges. Simply put, the Declaration is written for citizens of the country and if women exercise the habits of being a citizen, they should receive the privileges as well. This is almost the exact argument that Allen had because she felt as if the Declaration was for citizens then, it is the same for today now. Even though there were certain groups of people excluded from the Declaration at the time, now they are citizens of the country and should be treated as such.

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